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Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network (CEGN)
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Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network (CEGN)
t: 647-288-8891


December 5, 2016 [Ottawa] - Today a broad cross section of stakeholders from business, labour, environmental, faith and civil society sectors launched their appeal to Canada’s First Ministers to put Canada on a path towards a Clean Growth Century.

Initiated by a subgroup of members of the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network (CEGN), the unifying campaign is a call to action for all levels of government, as well as citizens from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

“It is an important moment for us to come together and show support for the policy solutions that will put our country on-course for a clean and prosperous future. This is a statement of what success looks like for Canada, and some ideas for how we can get there,” said Pegi Dover, Executive Director of CEGN, on behalf of the network’s Low Carbon Funders’ Group.

The group chose to highlight six areas of policy and innovation that they believe require action, and they intend to use their platform to help profile and prescribe solutions under each of these areas:

  • Greening our electricity supply
  • Cleaner transportation options
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and homes
  • Pricing pollution and rewarding those who change
  • Looking for economic opportunities in transformation
  • Ensuring workers affected by this shift are treated fairly

“We use the phrase Clean Growth Century as a reminder that change requires a steadfast commitment over time, and that Canada’s 150th birthday is a good moment to focus on what kind of country we would like Canada to be 100 years from now.”

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